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Poem: Chase

I am chasing that dream, that dream, Or so it seemed, in between the lines of stories I did not write, was a light towards a goal, And it is small, I know.  But its luminescence– It dazzles me, in my dream, I see it reaching, Hurtling towards me, at such fast speeds- Vroom it […]

Poem: The Denier 

If you don’t remember what I was-Here’s what I wasn’t- I was not a liar-and though I tire, tire, I’m not the denier.  I’m old enough to know what matters now- And what really doesn’t; I was not the creator and the sustainer of the fools’ game, I was playing and being played within it, […]

Poem: High Tide.

I see myself through the reflection of waves- Flowing through me in concave whirlpools- I had lost it all too soon. It is high tide this afternoon.     My house was as alive as a festival- My backyard a scared beach; My love an iron mantle to place my belongings- They were gone within […]